Web Analytics

Explosive content growth, rich internet applications and multi-channel delivery are forcing Web marketers to re-think the way they measure and track Web marketing programs. In fact, Forrester Research, Inc., in its recent US Web analytics forecast revealed that, "73% of businesses surveyed are currently using Web analytics measurement technologies, and growth is expected to scale at 17% annually over the next five years."

Web Analytics Performance

Despite the widespread adoption of Web analytics solutions, do marketers understand the Web analytics data they're receiving, and can they use that Web analytics data to improve their marketing program performance? Some say no. In fact, according to Forrester, "But many adopters of Web analytics technologies underutilize their tools, fail to recognize ROI, or simply don't apply the data."

Our Web Analytics Consultants can help you optimize and customize your Web analytics solutions, by providing assistance in the following:

  • Web Analytics Strategy - Understand which Web metrics to measure and how those metrics align with business goals.
  • Web Analytics Optimization - Optimize your Web analytics solutions and move beyond the out of the box  configuration to get to the heart of the data most important to you.
  • Integrate with customer and business intelligence data - To create a full lifecycle, closed-loop marketing optimization ecosystem.

Web Analytics Consultants - Solution Configuration

Cerulyan partners with category leaders in Web analytics, and can help you configure an entirely new implementation, or reconfigure current implementations as your business priorities change.

There's no substitute for timely, relevant performance data when making business-critical decisions. And with marketing measurement and accountability the rule of the day, engaging experienced Web analytics consultants will make a significant and measurable impact on your business.

Cerulyan's expert Web analytics consultants have practical experience implementing and integrating industry-leading analytic tools such as Google Analytics, Omniture, SiteCatalyst and Eloqua and can help you quickly and cost effectively:

  • Drive higher revenue and conversions through increased visibility into online customer behavior.
  • Deliver a successful customer experience on your website, significantly improving Web usability and user satisfaction rates.
  • Plan a successful path to integrate Web analytics data into your overall Web strategy, ensuring broad adoption across your organization.

Fast implementation, driven by business-focused strategies will help you gain immediate insight to solve your most challenging online marketing performance challenges.

For additional information on Cerulyan's Web Analytics services, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.