What sets us apart?

In the competitive IT Staffing and Services industry it's difficult to know what differentiates one company from the next.

First, unlike our competitors - all of our client facing Account Executives through to our Executive Leadership Team are technologists. This immediately distinguishes us from the other IT staffing firms. As IT professionals, we are uniquely positioned to connect the right IT resources to the right companies and projects. Drawing on our past experiences as IT managers, we know what hiring managers are looking for in IT resources, and we know what IT professionals are looking for in companies. That's why Cerulyan is the smart choice for matching IT needs and IT people/resources.

Secondly contrary to other IT Staffing firms, Cerulyan is not a resume shop; all our consultants are referred and brought on through actual experience, not through buzz word searches on Dice or Monster, but via our pre-screened / pre-qualified Alumni University and Big Five / Systems Integrator networks.

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