Diversity Recruiting and Staffing

At Cerulyan, we believe in the value of diversity in all its many forms, and strive to promote this belief throughout the workplace. Diversity encourages creative thinking, fosters innovation, and leads to more effective problem solving. It can also build strong ties with local communities and markets. It is a competitive advantage to those who understand how to leverage these strengths.

Cerulyan is a woman owned minority company and we have a firsthand understanding of the benefits of diversity and the challenges of achieving it in the business environment. We have used our hard-earned knowledge to take the lead in developing tools and processes that can help you transform your business and empower your workforce.

Finding highly-qualified diverse talent can be daunting

Attracting, sourcing and recruiting highly-qualified diverse talent for large diversity initiatives can be a daunting challenge. Often times a single supply channel is insufficient to meet the needs of companies with aggressive diversity objectives and companies often need to work with specialized diverse talent staffing suppliers that can assist them in keeping up with their demand.

At Cerulyan, we are committed to responding to clients' diversity needs. Our core competency lies in our ability to connect outstanding talent and resources to our clients. We accomplish this by utilizing multiple channels to identify and secure highly-qualified diversity candidates.

Our primary focus is to provide access to a diverse talent pool, while also matching professionals to companies that value diversity and inclusion.

Cerulayan can provide assistance with:

  • Contact Staffing
  • Permanent Placement / Search
  • Diversity Recruitment Training
  • Campus Recruiting

For additional information on Cerulyan's Diversity services, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.