IBM Cognos business intelligence (BI) and performance management solutions deliver world-leading enterprise planning, consolidation and BI software, support and services to help companies plan, understand and manage financial and operational performance.

Our Cognos consultants can assist you with:

  • Installation and configuration of the Cognos windows based applications
  • Designing and modeling the data in Framework Manager
  • Reporting, analysis, scorecarding, dynamic dashboards and event notification
  • Leveraging the reports for multidimensional data cubes and integration of external data sources
  • Re-Architect for migration from other hand-coded process and previous versions
  • Performance tuning and Optimization
  • Tool Upgrade Process

From strategy through execution, MicroStrategy's Services professionals help you get the most from your MicroStrategy enabled solutions. We have developed, applied and refined methods for delivering leading-edge technology solutions. Working alongside product engineers, the team has the deepest and broadest MicroStrategy knowledge in the industry. We are committed to the success of your MicroStrategy implementations. Our Microstrategy consultants can provide assistance with:

Mobile Intelligence

Driven by the evolution of sophisticated devices and wireless networks, mobile technologies are revolutionizing the way information is used to make business decisions. Our Microstratgey consultants can help you plan, deploy, and launch a mobile solution based on your business needs.

Cloud Intelligence

Organizations are seeking ways to optimize their data sources, IT infrastructure, and BI operational models to capture all the benefits of MicroStrategy's Cloud Intelligence solution. Our Microstrategy developers can help build reports and dashboards, integrate your security systems and data sources, and facilitate user adoption. We also can take on certain administration, monitoring, and maintenance tasks for you. These include managing MicroStrategy groups and users, controlling access to data, maintaining report schedules, and more.

Custom Solutions

Done right, customization can improve user adoption without increasing your total cost of ownership. It does so by integrating BI in a typical user's business processes, providing tighter integration with other applications, and improving the user's experience with a familiar-looking environment. If you have a need that is not addressed in Microstrategy's out-of-the-box application, our Microstratgey developers can work with you to make the appropriate changes. Through customization, we also can enable more sophisticated integrations, along with specific functionality for your competitive advantage.

Platform Architecture and Installations

A seamless, timely installation can increase user acceptance, reduce training, and save time on administration and operations management throughout the application lifecycle. Our consultants are Microstrategy experts and have established best practices for quick, concise, repeatable installation while optimizing data access methods and data structures. Each installation is carried out with an eye to improve needs alignment, IT responsiveness to the business, and use of the capabilities inherent in the MicroStrategy platform.

Performance Optimization

Successful BI systems have many users and huge amounts of data. But all that growth can slow down system responses. Our consultants can optimize your MicroStrategy application to handle thousands of users accessing terabytes of data simultaneously while maintaining a high level of performance.


Reports can be set up for internal or external distribution. In addition, we can empower users to create reports and ad-hoc queries on their own in a self-serve environment.


Dashboards have become a mainstay of executive information systems because they efficiently capture business trends and key events within large volumes of data. Our consultants help you make the right design choices and apply best practices to build dashboards for specific areas of your business.

SAS Analytics provide an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, text analytics, forecasting, optimization, simulation, experimental design and more. From dynamic visualization to predictive modeling, model deployment and process optimization, SAS provides a range of techniques and processes for the collection, classification, analysis and interpretation of data to reveal patterns, anomalies, key variables and relationships, leading ultimately to new insights and better answers faster.

Cerulyan SAS Consultants and SAS Developers can assist you with:

  • Predictive analytics and Data Mining - Build descriptive and predictive models and deploy results throughout the enterprise.
  • Data Visualization - Enhance analytic effectiveness with dynamic data visualization.
  • Forecasting - Analyze and predict future outcomes based on historical patterns.
  • Model Management and Monitoring - Streamline the process of creating, managing and deploying analytical models.
  • Operations Research - Leverage optimization, project scheduling and simulation techniques to identify the actions that will produce the best results.
  • Quality Improvement - Identify, monitor and measure quality processes over time.
  • Statistics - Use statistical data analysis to drive fact-based decisions.
  • Text Analytics - Maximize the value buried in unstructured data assets.

For additional information on Cerulyan’s IBM Cognos, Microstategy and SAS Consulting services, contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.