Social Media Optimization (SMO)

The internet was created as a platform for information exchange between users; however, it is only since the increase in popularity of many of the most recent Social Media Networks that this has become reality for individual users, as well as businesses. Social Media is about conversations and the opportunity to share experiences through those conversations.

A recent study showed that over 80% of the fastest growing companies in the US use social media as a form of marketing. This study also shows that 60 million status updates happen on Facebook daily.

The most common objectives of a social marketing plan are to create brand awareness, drive traffic to a website, generate sales leads, and develop relationships with future partners or customers. According to a study conducted by a leading research institute, social media adoption by small businesses doubled from 2009 to 2010. Because social networks play such a dominant role in today’s society, having a social media presence for your business is more critical now than ever.

Social Media Marketing is the easy way to access the real audience. Apart from search engines, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an effective way to create a brand for your website and can generate relevant traffic also. It combines the goals of internet marketing with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Flickr, MySpace, YouTube, and many more. A creative SMM strategy can attract right type of audience so you learn more about their wants and needs.

Cerulyan Social Media consultants can assist you in any phase of your social media campaigns. We can provide expertise in developing strategy, execution and measurement.

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